Asia Sudoku Championship 2018

03. Participation

As the ASC is authorized by World Puzzle Federation(WPF), according to WPF’s regulations, only the member of WPF can take part in the competition, so please contact WPF( if you are not a member yet.
In order to compete in the championship, individuals should contact their national member to the World Puzzle Federation(WPF), as listed on the WPF Members’ Page on the website,
Each member country is obliged to conduct open, national qualifying tournaments.


One can participate in the championship as a competitor(A/B/C team), captain, member of team delegation(WPF delegate or guest) or organizer.
A team consists of 4 members. Only WPF members can compete at the championship.
There are no restrictions on who can register as a non-competing guest.
Guests will be able to observe the championship in progress, and take part in all meals and activities alongside the competitors.

 Team Structure

In the championship, each country is permitted to register up to 4 official A and 4 unofficial B, C, or D competitors.
The organizers are working on the availability of additional number of non-competing guests and will update this later.

Unofficial competitors will not be listed in the official results and will not be eligible for official awards and prizes, nor for taking part in the play-offs. However, they can compete in the Under 18, Over 50 and Newcomer category officially.

Each team must consist of 4 competitors.
The official competitors of each country will form an official A-team. If there are less than 4 official competitors representing one country, they will be listed as official participants but only full A-teams will be listed in the official team results.
All the competitors who are not part of A or B team, will be merged into United Nations (UN) teams with competitors from other countries.
Only A-teams will be eligible for official team awards but all the teams will be eligible for additional unofficial prizes.

 Age Category

Four age categories are set which are 10 under, 12 under, 15 under, and over 15.
The players who would like to register as

• U10 :
have to be born after 1 January 2008,
• U12 :
have to be born after 1 January 2006
• U15 :
have to be born after 1 January 2003
• O15 :
are born before 31 December 2002

 Competition Booklet(IB’s will disclosed in January, 2018)

• 1. U10 :
Grid size will be 6x6.
• 2. U12~U15 :
Grid size will be 6x6 and 9x9.
• 3. O15 :
Grid size will be 9x9.

 Award Category

In each age category Top 3 of individual competition will take the certificate, trophy, and medal Top 3 of team competition will take the certificate, trophy, and medal The rest of the above winners will get the certificate and medal.

 Participation Costs

The participation costs are in Dollar as given below.

• Twin(2 in a room):
350 USD per a person
• Triple(3 in a room):
320 USD per a person
• Quadruple(4 in a room):
300 USD per a person
• Hextuple(6 in a room):
250 USD per a person

Including : Barbeque party, Meals, Coffee, Water, WiFi, All competition materials, Transportation, Sightseeing Tour, Prizes and Awards

Excluding : Airfare


A variety of payment methods are available.
We will contact you after registration with our account in detail.

05. Location

Miterre Hotel

Address : 제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 애원로 474-29 (우)63035
                   474-29, Aewon-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Republic of Korea
WebSite :